St. Tropez Self Tan Express Starter Kit

St. Tropez

$ 27.00
St. Tropez Self Tan Express Starter Kit
What it is:
A travel-sized three-piece kit featuring all the essentials for flawless-looking, radiant skin.

What it is formulated to do:
The key to your best tan is prepping your skin. Use the Tan Enhancing Polish and Moisturizer to keep your color looking natural and to maximize your results. The bestselling lightweight, easy-to-apply velvety Self Tan Bronzing Mousse dries in as little as 60 seconds and delivers a rich-bronze, streak-free tan. It’s infused with conditioning aloe vera and contains innovative Aromaguard™ fragrance technology to eliminate the tell-tale self tan aroma by up to 70 percent. This trio of tanning essentials leaves the skin sunkissed, smooth, and radiant—like it’s summer every day.

This set contains:
- 2.54 oz Tan Enhancing Polish
- 2.54 oz Tan Enhancing Moisturizer
- 1.69 oz Self Tan Bronzing Mousse
- Applicator mitt

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates

What else you need to know:
These products are 100 percent natural and organic tanning agents and are not tested on animals.

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