Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum Pen


$ 95.00
Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum Pen

Glamtox Snake Serum created a frenzy when it launched in spring 2010 and quickly became Rodial's fastest-selling product. It was heralded as the glamorous alternative to surgery. This revolutionary oxygenated, viper-inspired serum contains SYN-AKE®, a neuropeptide that mimics the effects of the Temple Viper's potent venom, to instantly lift the face, freeze muscles and plump fine lines and wrinkles.

Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum Pen is a highly concentrated formula designed to instantly plump and smooth the appearance of deep-set lines and wrinkles. Contains a double dose of dipeptides, inspired by the potent effects of Temple Viper venom, to help reduce the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles. Liposomes work to fill lines instantly and a ground-breaking oxygen carrier boosts glow and radiance for fresher-looking skin with an immediate 3D plumping effect. The massaging action of the rollerballs helps fight deep expression lines around the forehead, eye and mouth areas.

Features and benefits:

- Inhibits facial contractions in two minutes.

- Fiflow BTX (oxygen carrier) encourages cell respiration to fill and plump the skin while adding instant radiance.

- Proturon provides an instant filling and 3D plumping effect, and is redensifying and moisturizing for long-lasting hydration.

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