Freedom Everywhere Deodorant Spray

$ 17.00

If layering freshness in a vegan manner is your thing, then our Everywhere Deodorant Spray is for you! Curated from the best of the best ingredients, this product is complementary to our Freedom Natural Deodorant, and it:

  • Deodorizes skin (and all other surfaces) - This multi-tasker is not only meant for the body. It also cleanses other surfaces that may be attracting bacteria (yoga mats, air, coffee table...). The carefully extracted essential oils and witch hazel prevent the accumulation of bacteria. Even the sound of the spritz makes you feel clean!
  • Available in a range of scents - Every scent has its own proprietary blend of natural essential oils.
  • Prevents odor - Above all, the most important thing is this one. By eliminating and preventing bacteria, your skin remains fresh and able to breathe, without clogging, artificial ingredients.
  • Vegan care - Created with only vegan ingredients, this product is friendly towards the environment and your skin too.

This spray is perfect for layering throughout the day. What's more, fans of light scents would love the fact that this could be a perfect natural replacement for perfume!

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