Body Barrier Citrus pH Buff

$ 15.00
Body Barrier Citrus pH Buff
  • A dual action foaming scrub that sweeps away dead skin cells while gently cleansing. Formulated with natural citrus oils that are similar in structure to the skin's lipid layer - to promote a balanced pH skin
  • LEMON PEEL OIL: Detoxifying and moisturizing - helps reduce excessive oil on the skin and restore luster
  • LIME PEEL OIL: A natural antioxidant that helps balance sebum production
  • SOAP SCRUB: Traditional scrubs can be abrasive and overly drying and most don't provide cleansing benefits. Our hybrid (dual-action) foaming scrub combines gentle, healthy exfoliation and daily cleansing in one skin-loving step.
  • Skin healthy pH, non-comedogenic, free of common allergens, no synthetic colors, smart/clean/gentle ingredients, low interaction with skin proteins, biosimilar ingredients wherever possible, supplement grade actives and nutrients where possible

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