Body Barrier Bamboo Untox

$ 14.00
Body Barrier Bamboo Untox
  • An intensely purifying body cleanser formulated with bamboo charcoal known for its detoxifying properties that delivers skin-loving moisture and botanical oil rejuvenation.
  • JAPANESE BAMBOO CHARCOAL: Charcoal that has been pulverized and steamed, giving it a wider surface area and thereby enabling it to absorb a higher volume of bacteria, toxins, and micro-particles
  • Blended with Shiso leaf oil (perilla seed oil) to support the skin's natural moisture barrier and lock-in vital hydration. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and contains a natural precursor for ceramides, which play a key role in maintaining the skin barrier.
  • SOAP BALM: Ultra-thick gel balm melts onto skin and produces a luxurious and nourishing lather. Upon contact with water, nutrients are activated and transform into a creamy foam to deliver a gentle, non-stripping and hydrating finish.
  • Skin healthy pH, non-comedogenic, free of common allergens, no synthetic colors, smart/clean/gentle ingredients, low interaction with skin proteins, biosimilar ingredients wherever possible, supplement grade actives and nutrients where possible

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