B. Kamins Purifying Toner


$ 34.00
B. Kamins Purifying Toner

A unique clarifying toner formulated to normalize and re-ionize skin to its delicate pH balance.  Specifically created for oily, acneic and combination skin, this toner will minimize oil buildup, tighten large pores, purify skin and mildly exfoliate it. Plant extracts and moisturizers condition to leave skin refreshed.

Skin Type:

Oily, combination, and acneic skin. Can be used for occasional breakouts.

Primary Purpose:
To gently tone and normalize sebaceous secretions, while moisturizing and conditioning skin.


  • Helps remove excess oil and bacteria, which may cause skin breakouts (acne breakouts and blemishes).
  • Restores natural pH balance to the skin.
  • Normalizes, refreshes, and conditions the skin.
  • Mildly exfoliates and rejuvenates to renew skin’s appearance.

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