B. Kamins Nutrient Replacement Cream Kx


$ 135.00
B. Kamins Nutrient Replacement Cream Kx

This dermatological cream acts as a reservoir to improve skin’s appearance while providing essential nutrients and moisture to the complexion. In addition, the formula contains our exclusive combination of Bio-Maple™ Compound, Episphere-Blue™ and Profusion Ceramide™- unique technologies that help to cosmetically combat the significant skin changes associated with hormonal fluctuations. This delicate formula, which provides a soothing, cooling effect, helps to decrease the loss of elasticity and to reduce the appearance of premature lines while minimizing uneven pigmentation.

Skin Types:
All skin types. Specially formulated for hormone deprived skin.

Primary Purpose:
Helps to offset symptoms related to hormone-deprived skin and provide the skin with vital nutrients that are lost during hormonal fluctuations. 


  • Calms and cools skin.
  • Formula includes an anti-inflammatory ingredient to reduce itchy skin and irritation, commonly associated with the hormonal fluctuations in skin. 
  • Minimizes the trauma of thinning skin, redness and loss of elasticity.
  • Formulated with Episphere-Blue™ technology, which consists of heat-activated, time-released, tiny blue capsules of anti-oxidant vitamin E to help moisturize and repair delicate skin.
  • Formulated with Profusion Ceramide™ technologies, which are small, skin-plumping molecules that penetrate the skin and fill in the inter-cellular spaces to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Non-greasy, ultra-hydrating formula.
  • A reparative treatment that may be used in conjunction with a moisturizer or on its own.

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