B. Kamins Moisturizing Toner


$ 34.00
B. Kamins Moisturizing Toner

A unique hydrogen-ion moisturizing toner formulated to normalize and reionize all skin types to its delicate pH balance.  This formula mildly exfoliates and rejuvenates tired, dull complexions. Plant extracts and moisturizers condition skin to leave it radiant. 

Skin Type:
All skin types.

Primary Purpose:
To gently tone and invigorate all skin types while moisturizing and conditioning skin.


  • Alcohol-free 
  • Formula moisturizes and tones without skin feeling tight or dry. 
  • Restores natural pH balance to the skin. 
  • Normalizes, refreshes and conditions skin.
  • Mildly exfoliates to rejuvenate skin and renew its appearance.   

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