Vincent Longo Velvet Riche Lipstick

Vincent Longo

$ 23.00

Now with lip firming and anti-aging ingredients that protect and plump lips.  Our version of the classic 1950’s cream lipstick, our luxurious lotion-like formula caresses and contours lips with a full-color, soft luster finish.  Sophisticated, refined and provocative, Velvet Riche Lipstick looks professional in the board room and glamorous on the red carpet.

  • Contains collagen and hyaluronic acid filling spheres to firm lips and keep them youthful looking.
  • Essential oilsVitamin E, and Aloe Vera protect and moisturize lip tissue.
  • beeswax base keeps color vibrant and ensures a long lasting wear.
  • The lotion-like texture clings to the lips and prevents color from bleeding over the lip line.

Velvet Riche lipstick should be applied over defined lips.  Use a Vincent Longo Lip Pencil in a coordinating shade to shape and contour your mouth.  Beginning in the center of your lips, use Vincent Longo Lip Brush #5 or #6 to paint a thin layer of Velvet Riche color. Completely paint lips up to and including the lip line.  Blot, then paint on a second layer of Velvet Riche.       

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