Lift Lab

Lift Lab Detoxifying Cleanser

$ 58.00
Lift Lab Detoxifying Cleanser


Deep Cleansing to detox the skin and remove impurities

Peptide Exfoliant to gently remove only dead skin cells without acid

Balance Oil on all skin types. Dryness is conditioned and excess oil is rinsed away without leaving a residue or stripping the skin. 

Suitable for all skin types.


*Results may vary by user.


1.Morning and night, foam a pea-sized of Cleanser with warm water and gently massage over damp skin, then rinse

2.For a deeper clean and to exfoliate, activate as above and leave on for 5 minutes before rinsing


LIFTLAB’s patented damage-reversing CellPro Peptide® originally derived from Arctic fish, encourages cell turnover to reveal healthy, smoother, more radiant skin. Along with CPP, active ingredients include:

- Olivem® 300, a natural olive oil extract is water-soluble and close to the skin’s own sebum to enrich and soften the surface

- DermalRX®SRC, an exfoliating, resurfacing peptide, offering a non-irritating reduction of skin roughness, brightens skin and improves elasticity.

PrimalHyal50 - the smallest and most effective Hayaluronic Acid for deep hydration through a patented activity leading to improved skin firmness

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