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T3 BodyWaver 1.75" Curling Iron


$ 150.00
T3 BodyWaver 1.75" Curling Iron


Our hottest styling innovation features a unique hollow-barrel design, new SinglePass™ Radial Technology, and an ergonomic handle to make waves, create volume and enhance shine with the ease of a pro stylist – it's like getting a blowout look without having to use a blowdryer. The BodyWaver creates today’s most sought-after runway and red carpet styles – a sleek, polished blowout look or big, loose waves – with the smooth, shiny, frizz-free finish that T3 is famous for. No matter what your hair length or texture, the BodyWaver will give you fast, professional-level styling every time, without causing damage.

New SinglePass™ Radial Technology:

Regular curling irons use a single, central heat plate that is ineffective at heating the entire barrel, resulting in a temperature fluctuation and damaged hair due to over-styling. The BodyWaver features new T3 SinglePass™ Radial Technology which uses a ring of ceramic heaters along the outside of the barrel to deliver fast, even, consistent heat for flawless, healthy styling.


Styling Tips/Directions:

Using 4 key techniques, you can easily create a range of styles with this one must-have product. Holding the BodyWaver horizontally and rolling under will give you a soft, curled under finish, while rolling out will create smoothly shaped, flipped out ends. Holding the BodyWaver vertically and rolling towards the face results in big, shiny face-framing waves and curls, while rolling away from the face will give you polished, loose waves and curls with a little more body.


PRO Tips:

Create more volume by holding hair out from head at a 90° angle before curling. If hair has trouble holding a curl, curl a section of hair, release, then cup the curl in your hand until it has cooled, or clip to your head and move on to the next section. You can also try misting with hairspray before or after styling. - See more at:

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